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An old black and white picture of students of Vidya Sagar
An old photo of students doing drill on sports day
A student enjoying the beach with his feet touching the water
A student playing accessible basketball games
A trainee from our production and vocation centre weaving a dhurri mat
A student from early intervention crossing a triangle frame as part of obstacle crossing
under water physiotherapy session
Students doing kolam art in a group
a student smiling and playing with a musical toy
a wheelchair user rappling and having an adventure

Celebrate Life Celebrate Differences 

Disability is a Part of Human Diversity

Demystifying Disabilities  Empowering Families

Our Story

Today, Vidya Sagar operates from an accessible building in Chennai offering a range of services to over 3800 individuals with disabilities in a given year.

Our programmes include early intervention, education, community empowerment, therapy, vocational training and advocacy for disability rights.


Years On Ground

An image of a Calendar to demonstrate the amount of years Vidya Sagar has been on ground which is 37+

Beautiful Lives Touched


People Trained


Our Focus

Early Intervention children doing mat therapy with parents facilitated by teachers


Students of vidya sagar


Members of the disability legislative unit


the musuem cafe team

Interdependent Living

trainees at our weaving unit in the production vocatoinal centre


Community rally on world disability day..JPG


A Glimpse Into Our Community

A Walkthrough of Vidya Sagar 

Our Current Events

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