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Abstract Painting

Production and Vocational Center

This is  a vocational training center for adults to develop skills towards economic independence. The different types of employment possible are open placement, supported employment , sheltered workshop, self employment and entrepreneur units. 



 Students who have fully learnt the skill and ready to earn



Students who are still learning one of the skills


Adult Leisure Programme 

Individuals with high support needs come together for leisure activities like outings, gardening, music. Families are also a part of this network and support each other emotionally

Our Products

The strengths of each adult and their unique abilities are combined together to make some amazing products

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Kalakkal kadai sells products made at the training centre. The products are of woven cloth, handmade papers, leaf plates, candles, file folders art and craft items and paper bags. Kalakkal kadai is open for 6 days in a week in the Kotturpuram campus.  

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