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an image of outing to the light house with students their parents and teachers

Family Based


The Program addresses specific individual needs of each person, we do  holistic assessment of both the person and the family support needs. An individual plan is drawn up in all areas, in consultation with the entire multidisciplinary team and the stakeholders. This is specific and time bound and the activities for physio, occupational, speech therapy and special education are taught to one or two members of the family. The focus is on demystifying disability and encouraging the family to understand the strengths and think of creative ways to build on them and ensure inclusion and participation.

Affan & Udayanidhi playing the peg board together

FBR Key Components


Advisory and Referral


All persons with disabilities are screened and it is decided whether they will be referred to another appropriate facility or taken into one of our programs. On an average 650 families per year uses our service. 


Home Management

The program focuses on  empowering and training the parent /family/caregiver. It is for all ages from infant to adult with flexible time table.


Out Station Programme

Students across age groups with their caregivers to undertake a short term (1-2 weeks) training and go back to their base. 


Early Intervention

The most crucial time to provide intervention- parents are a part of this programme where they work with the facilitators and are trained to support the holistic development of their children.


Inclusive Education

Remedial, scribes, support the school management to understand child condition/strengths.

Advantages of Our Model


Empowers the family and therefore ensures long term inclusion

Indian Focused

Suited to Indian needs,  reaches out to larger numbers


Cost Effective


Creates many Resource Persons in the community

Family Based

Family looks for solutions in their own environment


Shift from institutionalization to more community based solutions

A Look Into FBR

 Impact Stories

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Ramya, mother of Iva Kate, our Home Management student and Iva Kate

Until I joined Iva in this school, I have never taken her anywhere for leisure activities as I only focused on her therapy. When there was an opportunity to go to a movie theater from school with other students, I took Iva along with them. I will never forget the joy and smile on Iva’s face from the whole experience. I realized my daughter had missed many such wonderful experiences and exposure needed for her age. I’m very glad I realized that Iva has every right to enjoyment appropriate for her age.

Mysuru Trip

The students, family and staff of FBR went for a 3 days fun trip to Mysuru. The travel and stay arrangements were made comfortably for everyone to enjoy. Initially most parents were reluctant to come for the trip as they were concerned about their children's behavior in public places. During the trip, the parents got to see how their children enjoyed with their peers, and parents supported each other with any required need. Many families had never gone for an outing in a long time and this was a great refresher to them. By the end of the trip, few parents had gained confidence in taking their children for vacation on their own.

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