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Begin to Live Interdependently with Support Systems 


BLISS is a work in progress initiative which started in 2018, to develop support systems in the community, which are needed for adults with disabilities to live an independent life. This is an attempt against institutionalisation, because at most times institutions seem to be the only answer. This is also an attempt to find an answer to the universal worry of parents of

‘what happens after me?’


BLISS looks into more community based solutions, support systems which ensure safety and security, but also enable participation. At BLISS, we first tried to unpack what’ living independently in the community’ means to our stakeholders. Each one understands this differently and immediately says, “how is it possible?”. That is why we decided to use the word’ interdependent’ instead, this does not mean lack of independence, but instead points to the way of the world. All of us live interdependent lives and use supports, which are provided and some we build ourselves.

"There is a paucity of services
especially for adults with disabilities"
Poonam Natarajan

The 9 Pillars of BLISS

BLISS, the Resource Centre has nine pillars, which will set up the support systems. We believe that these will synergise together to create an ecosystem which will provide a safe and vibrant environment for people with disabilities. We hope that, this action based research will help develop support systems which can be replicated across the country, made robust and sustainable


The Pillars of BLISS

Three Segments of Reasonable Accommodations


Team for Accessibility & Reasonable Accommodation

Get Going

 Supported and Wheelchair Accessible transport for Adults with Disabilities


Museum of Possibilities

TARA- Team for Accessibility & Reasonable Accommodation

Team working towards making homes and personal spaces accessible for People with Disabilities. 

A key achievement was getting shortlisted by the ‘Zero project 2022 in the theme -Accessibility’. Zero Project, Geneva works for a world with zero barriers. Worldwide, it finds and shares solutions that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities.

An image of glimpses of an accessible kitchen and dining space

Get Going

Supported and Wheelchair Accessible transport for Adults with Disabilities.

It is continued to be used by the stakeholders of Vidya Sagar and citizens of Chennai. 

Museum Of Possibilities


The Museum of Possibilities is an initiative of the State Commissionerate for the Welfare of the Differently Abled, Government of Tamil Nadu.  Vidya Sagar is the partner to design, curate and manage it. This is a facility cum demonstration centre to showcase a model accessible space with universal design, assistive devices and technology for persons with disabilities covering all domains. A unique and pioneering ecosystem to Facilitate coming together of PwDs, rehabilitation experts and experts in the field of Assistive Technology; Collating a database of  manufacturers and venders of customised Assistive devices.

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